E3 Fest East Pre-Game Show

<originally written in preparation for the 2003 East Fest>

As some of you know, a few years ago I pieced together a very cool car. Awhile back, I got sick of it and sold it to my friend Erik Aasland. I threw these pics and info together as something for you guys to check out prior to E3 Fest East 2003.

Since the host of this year's event, Erik, is now the National Coordinator of the SSR and the owner of the only turbocharged, fuel-injected Bavaria that I know of, I want you all to be sufficiently humbled when you see his sooper-phat E3 parked in his carport.

It might very well be the fastest Bavaria you ever come in contact with. Ever. [Note: this is assuming you never come in contact with Bill Arnold's FrankenBav.]

Select from the menu above to see some photos, read about the nightmare, etc., BEFORE doing that, however, read the rest of the story first.

As an aside, when I sold this car, I did so by sending an email to the SSR email list, selling the car for fifty cents on the dollar. Erik responded in 20 minutes . . . one line of text, which said, quite simply:

Okay, I'm taking out an equity line on the house. I want that f***ing beast.